Distribution 2.3.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: May 27, 2020

Feature Enhancements
Retrieve the Latest Version of a Release Bundle REST API

You can now retrieve the Latest Release Bundle Version through the Rest API which enables you to distribute the latest version of the Release Bundle to your dedicated Edge nodes.Get Latest Release Bundle v1 Version

Improved Release Bundle Distribution Auditiblity and Tracking

A new set of parameters have been added to the Release Bundle APIs providing you with more audibility into the Distribution process:

  • The created_by and distributed_by parameters provide information on who created and distributed the Release Bundles.

  • The start_time, finish_time and duration parameters provide information on the Distribution timeline of the Release Bundle.

Get Public GPG Key REST API

The Artifactory Edge Node verifies the Release Bundle signature with a public GPG key. You can now view the assigned public GPG Key by running the Get Public Key REST API command.Get Public Key

Distributing Release Bundle UI Improvements

Improved the Release Bundle Distribution management experience in the UI while providing you with the option to delete Release Bundles either from the JFrog Distribution server or from the JFrog Edge nodes.

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue


Fixed an issue whereby multiple Distribution nodes for one Edge Node were not performing well by introducing an algorithm for improving distribution scalability.

Fixed an issue whereby Distribution was not supporting distributing Release Bundles containing artifacts using Unicode characters in the artifact name.

Fixed an issue whereby the Release Bundle “In-Progress” status was generated for all distribution issues. This general state has been replaced with specific states to accommodate different distribution issues.