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JFrog Release Information


Fixed Vulnerabilities and Reported Known Issues

Fixed Security Vulnerabilities and reported known issues are marked in the relevant releases. Refer to each release to see if there are relevant fixes and reported issues.


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Installer Name Change!

From Distribution 2.0, the installer naming convention has been changed to include the installer type.

The following table lists the official installer names.

Installer Type

Installer Syntax

Linux archive






Installation and Upgrade

For installation instructions, refer to Installing DistributionInstalling Distribution

To upgrade to this release from your current installation, refer to Upgrading Distribution.Upgrading Distribution

Previous and Legacy Release Notes

If you need release notes for earlier versions of Distribution, see the Distribution Previous Releases.

If you need release notes for the legacy version of Distribution, you can download the Distribution 1.0 release notes.

Before upgrading to any version of Distribution 2.x, read the JFrog Distribution 2.0 release notes to learn about the new features and functionality Introduced in the JFrog Platform.

Download Previous Versions

Previous versions of JFrog Distribution are available for download in the Previous Releases page.