Artifactory 7.59.12 Self-Hosted

JFrog Release Information


Released: 7 July, 2023

Known Issue in this Version

under some circumstances, users who attempt to modify their binary-store.xml configuration file might experience files being deleted. Users with Sharding Cluster and Eventual Cluster configured should upgrade to Artifactory version 7.59.16 or later. For more information, see Known Issues.

Join Key issue when you upgrade to Artifactory 7.59.9 - 7.63.7

If you used Join Key to register a remote JPD, the Mission Control microservice in the home JPD fails to connect to the remote JPD and the remote JPD appears as offline in the topology after a certain period.Join Key


This issue occurs because the Access microservice in the remote JPD fails to recognize the Mission Control microservice of the home JPD and marks it as a stale service. When the Access cleanup process runs, the join key is revoked.


As a result, you cannot distribute release bundles to the remote JPD, access federation with the remote JPD fails, and affects your license buckets.


To avoid this issue, you must re-register the remote JPDs that you registered using join keys with Pairing Tokens before you upgrade.Pairing Tokens

If you upgraded to an affected version, you must re-register the remote JPDs with Pairing Tokens so the remote JPDs are accessible again.Pairing Tokens

Feature Enhancements

Support for the Organization Field in GitHub Authentication

Artifactory now supports setting the Organization field in GitHub Enterprise Cloud OAuth, allowing you to limit JFrog subscription access to users who belong to the same organization. For more information, see the GitHub Documentation.

To use this feature, go to Authentication Providers > OAuth SSO on your JFrog WebUI, and enter your organization in the Organization field.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue that prevented users from deleting a disabled Federated repository from a Federation that contains only one member.


Fixed an issue that prevented users from deleting a Federated repository from a JPD containing no local repositories.


Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, when using an access token with a applied-permissions/groups scope, Artifactory returned a 400 error.


Fixed an issue whereby, when getting the Crowd settings using the Artifactory WebUI, the settings were not fetched correctly.


Fixed an issue whereby, the startup script had a missing declaration of the jfconnect_service environment variable.