Pipelines 1.56.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: 23 February 2024

This release primarily focuses on some improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • Start and Stop Service - Self-Hosted

    Implemented Start and Stop services for the self-hosted Pipelines.

    • ./pipelines start

    • ./pipelines stop

Feature Enhancements

  • Pipeline - Sync

    Improved reliability for Pipeline Sync.

  • Insights - Run Performance

    Redesigned Run Performance Insights to improve readability.

  • Tests - Duration

    Fixed Duration in Tests to display < 1 sec when the test duration is 0s.

  • Insights - Tests

    Improved the following in the Insights > Tests:

    • Most Commonly Failing Tests Suites

      Added checkboxes for all the statuses and the test suite name in the tooltip.

    • Test Trends

      Added Run number in the tooltip.


Resolved Issues

  • Integrations - Share

    Fixed an issue related to sharing Integrations with other projects.