Pipelines 1.31.1

JFrog Release Information


Released: January 12, 2023


Pipelines 1.31.1 requires with Artifactory 7.49.5 and above.

New Templates Flow

With this release, Pipelines templates have been improved to offer more simplified and flexible user experience completely based on pipelines YAML.

New workflow and enhancements:

  • Users can include a global or system template in their pipelines YAML.

  • One pipelines YAML file can include one template.

  • Same YAML file can include regular pipeline and step definitions alongside.

  • Users can release/publish their system templates in Artifactory using a global (out of the box) PublishTemplate template.

  • In a multi-branch pipeline source, users can include different templates across branches.

  • Templates view page has been enhanced.

Backward compatibility:

  • The workflow for adding Pipelines source using templates has been removed. However, the system will still support existing pipeline sources created using templates and template sources.

  • Users can continue to use existing template sources and these can be edited as required.

Planned upgrades in upcoming releases:

  • With this upgrade, few existing features, such as retiring a template and finding which pipeline source or a pipeline is using the template (also called 'in use by' feature) have been removed temporarily. These are planned in upcoming releases complementing the new workflow.

For more information, see Global Templates and System Templates..Global TemplatesSystem Templates

Change Node Pool for Custom Run

When triggering a custom run, you now have the option of selecting the node pool for the pipeline and individual steps. For more information, see Customizing a Run.Triggering a Run with Custom Parameters

REST API to Set Next Run Number

Admin users can now set the next run number so that the next run will start from the given run number. The run number provided must be greater than the current run number. For more information, see Set Next Run Number.Set Next Run Number

New Admin Views

Project and system-level admins can now create custom admin views for pipelines using simple wildcard patterns on pipelines name or branch name. When a view is created for a Project, it will be visible to all users of that Project. Up to 10 views can be created per Project. For more information, see Working with Pipelines.

Node Pool and Node Name and Stats on Run Dashboard

During a run, the run dashboard page will now display the name of the node pool and node as clickable links, and the status of the node being used for the run.

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Editable Kuberentes Node Pools Intervals

You can now edit node idle interval for custom Kubernetes node pools.

Approval Gates Improvement

The approve/reject link will now be disabled for the users that do not have necessary permissions.