Pipelines 1.22.4

JFrog Release Information


Released: April 15, 2022

Deprecation of CentOS 8.x Build Nodes

The next release of Pipelines will remove support for CentOS 8.x build nodes.

  • How will this impact my existing node pools

    Pipelines will no longer support your existing CentOS 8.x node pools. If you run pipelines that use CentOS 8.x node pools, they will fail with an error message.

  • What do I need to do

    • Dynamic Node Pools: Existing CentOS 8.x dynamic pools will be automatically migrated to CentOS 7.0 provided those were created with the default build plane images. If you have any custom CentOS 8.x node pools, they must be manually migrated to either CentOS 7.0 or a different OS.

    • Static Node Pools: After upgrading to the next major release of Pipelines, either remove any CentOS 8.x node pools or change the machine image to a different OS. For the list of supported OS versions, see System Requirements.Pipelines System Requirements

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed a UI issue whereby, the user was not able to navigate to the step console page.

  • Fixed a UI issue whereby, the user was not able to view Pipelines in My pipelines page.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, deleting a Project from the JFrog Platform made Pipelines unavailable.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, pipeline sync was getting triggered on every commit.

  • Fixed an issue with parallel pipeline source sync of multiple branches.

  • Updated crypto module to fix CVE-2020-29652.

  • Optimized the performance of pipeline sync to improve the creation of connections in the pipelines graph.