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JFrog Release Information


Released: June 28, 2020

Feature Enhancements

Upgraded JDK Version in Artifactory

OpenJDK Runtime Environment bundled with Artifactory has been upgraded to build 11.0.7+10, which solves the “HIGH” CVSS from the previous version and is the latest JDK published.

Enhancements for Webhooks Events

Introduced a few fixes to Webhooks events, such as adding a build_started field to the Build events, additional fixes to Docker events, and improved payload data.

Metadata Service DB Upgraders

The DB schema required for Conan is now enhanced to work better with metadata and optimize the search speed in Artifactory. On upgrade, no downtime is required, however, this enhancement might impact the upgrade time, depending on the amount of artifacts, possibly temporarily increasing the DB load.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue, whereby when performing concurrent requests to the Helmindex.yaml file, Artifactory returned incorrect content to some users.


Fixed an issue, whereby when Artifactory tried to read events on a remote event-base replication and the connection failed, a connection leak occurred.


Fixed an issue, whereby when trying to resolve remote server information against a non Artifactory instance, a connection leak might occur.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to our JIRA Release Notes.