Distribution 2.21.3

JFrog Release Information


Released December 18, 2023

Feature Enhancements

  • Release Bundle v2 distribution within projects

    It is now possible to distribute Release Bundles v2 that were created in the context of a specific project. Before this release, it was possible to create and promote a Release Bundle v2 within a specific project but not distribute it.Projects

  • Detailed Release Bundle distribution statuses 

    The platform UI now features additional statuses for tracking the distribution of Release Bundles (v1 & v2), as described below.



Storing Release Bundle

Displayed when a Release Bundle v1 is in the process of being stored in the release-bundle repository on the source Artifactory.

Pending Xray scan results

Displayed when the Release Bundle is being scanned and processed by JFrog Xray.Scan Release Bundles (v2) with Xray

Finalizing distribution

Displayed after all artifacts are distributed to the target (destination) node and are currently in the process of being moved to the designated repositories.

  • Canceling a distribution operation in progress 

    It is now possible to cancel a distribution operation that is in progress by clicking the Cancel button.

  • More flexible log rotation 

    It is now possible to rotate logs based on a preconfigured period of time and not just when the log file reaches a predefined size.

  • Starvation prevention in HA installations 

    Before this release, there were rare cases in HA mode where competition between two nodes to handle jobs led to the starvation of one node, which slowed down distributions. In this release, a random amount of time has been introduced between jobs to prevent this from happening.

  • Support for token regeneration when connecting to Xray 

    If a problem arises when connecting with Xray, JFrog Distribution now features a better mechanism for re-establishing the connection.

  • UI improvements 

    This release includes several minor UI improvements to enhance user experience.

Bug Fixes

Jira Issues



Fixed an issue that enabled some Distribution flows to continue working even after the access token was revoked (or otherwise inaccessible) instead of renewing the token.


Fixed an issue that caused logs to rotate according to size only and not according to date.


Fixed an issue that caused the name pattern used by Distribution in logback.xml to be different than the pattern stored in Artifactory. The name patterns are now aligned between the two applications.


Improved the error message that is displayed when no distribution targets are available (possibly due to a lack of permission to access them).

Resolved Vulnerabilities

This release contains resolved CVEs (security vulnerability issues), some of which impact JFrog Distribution and some of which do not.