Pipelines 1.28.1

JFrog Release Information


Released: November 11, 2022

New OOTB Global Templates

The following global templates are now available for use out of the box:

  • GoCI

  • GradleCI

  • MavenCI

  • NpmCI

These templates use several native steps and showcase some of the basic features of Pipelines. For more information, see Global Templates.Global Templates

Share Integrations across Projects

Projects admins can now share integrations across multiple projects to allow members in more than one project to use them. An integration can be shared with a single project or across multiple projects. For more information, see Sharing Integrations across Multiple Projects.ProjectsManaging Pipelines Integrations

Supported APIs: Share a Project Integration and Get Project Integrations.Share a Project IntegrationGet Project Integrations

New Utility Function

Added a new utility function end_step to end a step early, setting the step status to success, failure, or skipped.Running exit 0 in Bash will no longer be displayed as a failed command in the step consoles.

Conditional Workflow to Support Variable Conditions

Added a new conditional workflow to execute a step depending on run variables. For more information, see Run Variable Conditional Workflow.Conditional Workflows

Sync a Single Branch

Pipelines UI now includes a new toggle to sync only a single branch when a new multi branch pipeline source is added. To sync the new branch, users can perform a commit in that branch or can directly fetch branches in the UI. For more information, see Adding a Pipeline Source.

Pipeline Source Page Enhancements
  • Pipeline Sources page divided into two sections: Top-level page and a dedicated page for the Pipeline Source's branches.

  • A new search API for Pipeline Sources with pagination support.

  • Introduced more alignments with the new look and feel.

  • More performance improvements to load the Pipeline Sources page faster.

  • Updated the Pipeline Sources Admin page design to match the non-Admin page.

Support for MacOS 12 Static Build Nodes

Pipelines now supports Bash steps to be run on MacOS 12.x static nodes.

Support for ARM64 Ubuntu 20.04 Static Build Nodes

Added support for ARM64 Ubuntu 20.04 static build nodes. For the initial release of this feature, the default runtime image is an x86_64 image. Custom ARM64 images can be specified. Running on the host is also supported. For more information, see Managing Pipelines Static Nodes - Minimum Requirements.

Support for New JFrog CLI Versions

Pipelines now supports JFrog CLI versions 1.54.0 and 2.25.0.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue whereby, conditional workflows were being skipped when a step was in canceling status.

  • In a multi-branch pipeline, when tagCreate is set as true and when you perform a commit or Git release with a specific tag, buildOn.commit will now trigger only those branches that have the associated Git tag.

    This is applicable for GitHub only.