Pipelines 1.8.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: September 8, 2020


Requires Artifactory 7.8.0 or newer.

New Extensions Source Format and Version Identification (Breaking Change)

The required format for Pipelines Extensions source repositories has changed to accommodate redesign of version management.

Improved control over execution logic of parent and child pipelines

Pipeline DSL can set a dependencyMode parameter and chronological flag so that a pipeline will not execute until its parent pipeline is in a known state of completion. These configuration options help ensure that the resources used by the pipeline are in a steady state that will not be overwritten by another pipeline or run.

Skip build on commit

A developer can now override an automatic pipeline trigger on commit by including the text [skipRun] in a commit message.

Cancel previous runs on commit

A GitRepo resource now recognizes optional configuration of a cancelPendingRunsOn event, to automatically cancel any queued or in-progress run that was triggered by the same GitRepo resource.

Skip Downstream When Resource not Updated

Resources may now be optionally configured through a newVersionOnly flag to trigger only when an input resource has been updated by the prior step or pipeline.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue where steps were occasionally stuck in Queued state when executing on a dynamic node pool

  • Fixed an issue where custom images could not be pulled when executing on a Kubernetes node pool

  • Fixed an issue where the My Pipelines page sometimes showed a list of pipelines for a previously logged in user

  • Fixed an issue where secure fields in the GET /hooks route were not filtered in the response

  • Fixed an issue where steps could get stuck if they were configured to run in parallel and were configured with chronological: true

  • Fixed several validation issues on Integrations pages

  • Fixed an issue where Active Runs page did not show Context and other information for some runs

  • Fixed an issue where static nodes did not go to Failed state in some cases