Pipelines 1.40.5

JFrog Release Information


Released: June 23, 2023

Support for Git Submodules

A new tag called recurseSubmodules has been introduced to provide native support for Git submodules in GitRepo resource. When recurseSubmodules is set as true, submodules in the Git repository are cloned.

For more information, see GitRepo.

Templates Enhancements

Folder structure for System Templates has been changed for better management of templates. System templates will now be stored in the following directories in Artifactory:

  • pipelines-templates-local

  • pipelines-templates-remote

  • pipelines-templates-virtual

This change does not affect existing pipelines. In addition, to ensure full backward compatibility, system templates will continue to be stored in jfropipelines/templates directory.


After upgrading to Pipelines 1.40.x or higher, it is recommended that you use PublishTemplate version 1.1.0 to publish your templates. Failing to do so can cause backward compatibility issues.

UI Enhancement - Tasks

Tasks are now highlighted in the Graph view.

Project Key in Pipelines Usage Log

Pipelines usage logs now log the Project Key instead of the Project Name.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue whereby, parsing very large XML files for save_tests was not working.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, the order of step execution was wrong when steps were specified with priority and affinity group.

  • Tests tab now displays test case name instead of class name for failed test cases.


PowerShell scripts issue that was seen in Pipelines 1.40.1 has been fixed in this release.