Artifactory 7.10.2 Self-Hosted

JFrog Release Information


Released: 15 October 2020

JFrog Artifactory 7.10.2 is Available as a Self-Hosted Version

The JFrog Artifactory 7.10.2 release is available as a Self-Hosted version and is aligned with the 7.10.1 Cloud Release.


New JFrog Platform Onboarding Experience

In Artifactory 7.10.2, we have introduced a new self-hosted Onboarding experience in the web UI for Admin users. This new interactive experience guides the user through the essential onboarding steps to get started with the JFrog Platform.

Feature Enhancements

Improvements to RubyGems Indexing for Remote Repositories

Added Bundler Compact index support for Remote repositories, providing you with the latest version of the package that is compatible with your installed Ruby version of the project.

To use this new capability, in the file, set the artifactory.gems.compact.index.enabled=true value.

Importing Release Bundle Enhancements for Air Gap

The Air Gap feature has been extended to support importing Release Bundle from an / import folder on the server machine in addition to importing files from the local drive of the user.

API Open Metrics Enhancements

Added more metrics related to JVM, DB connections, and remote HTTP connections in Artifactory.

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue


Fixed an issue, whereby in some circumstances Artifactory HA additional node failed to start due to incorrect encryption values.


Fixed an issue, whereby Test connection failed for Smart Docker remote repositories.


Improved performance of your artifacts search through the /ui/artifactbuilds that previously caused an extreme overload.


Fixed an issue, whereby Event-based pull replication did not trigger when properties were added to a folder.


For this fix to take effect, both the source and target Artifactory instances need to run either on Artifactory version 7.10.2 and higher or on Artifactory version 6.23.0 and higher. Otherwise, the fix will not take effect and the folder properties will not be replicated.


Fixed an issue, whereby Docker push was failing when trying to use the configuration generated from the HTTP settings page (Repository path) in Artifactory 6.20.0.


Fixed an issue, whereby Smart remote capabilities were broken when the target Artifactory was running without the /artifactory context.


Fixed an issue, whereby Artifactory generated an InRelease file with the wrong line endings in Windows.


Fixed an issue, whereby Admin users could get user API Keys using the REST API.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to our JIRA Release Notes.