Pipelines 1.46.1

JFrog Release Information


Released: October 04, 2023

Support for Multiple Values in Custom Run

An environment variable can now be configured to accept multiple values when triggering a custom run. The following properties have been introduced for this purpose: defaultMultipleValues and allowMultipleValues.

New Modules Tab

The Run view now includes a new tab called Modules. This tab lists all the artifacts produced during the build and the dependencies used by the build.

Embedded Pipelines Enhancements

The TriggerStep native step now includes a new optional tag called waitForRunCompletion. When set as false, the parent pipeline in an embedded pipeline will not wait for the child pipeline to complete before executing.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue whereby, the latest resource version was not visible in the UI.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, it was not possible to download the console logs of a step.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, updating generic integration was corrupting existing keys.