Artifactory 7.59.5 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: 11 May, 2023

Known Issue in this Version

under some circumstances, users who attempt to modify their binary-store.xml configuration file might experience files being deleted. Users with Sharding Cluster and Eventual Cluster configured should upgrade to Artifactory version 7.59.16 or later. For more information, see Known Issues.

Feature Enhancements

Email Notifications for Token Management Expiration

It is now possible to opt-in to receive email notifications when a user's token expires or is about to expire. For more information, see Token Expiration Notification.Token Expiration

Updates to Cargo Repository Configuration

We've changed the default behavior for Cargo repositories to Sparsed Indexing. As a follow-up, the Cargo SetMeUp has also been updated. For more information, see Cargo Package Registry.Cargo Package Registry

Assigning Environments to Project Roles

When creating or modifying a project role, it is now possible to select one or more environments from two lists - one for global environments and one for project environments. For more information, see Managing Project Roles and Members.Manage Project Roles and Members

Support Relative URLs for Helm Repositories

It is now possible to enable relative URLs in Helm v3 repositories. For more information, see Relative URL Support for Helm Repositories.Kubernetes Helm Chart Repositories

Improved Naming Convention for Temporary Files

Temporary files created in binaries storage now have names that specify their trace ID and source repository name, to make files easier to identify.

Adding a 'Grace Period' to Refresh a Token After it Expires

It is now possible to use the Refresh Token REST API to refresh a token that has expired.Refresh Token

Provider Priority Info Support for Alpine

Uploading and deploying packages with provider priority info from local and virtual repositories is now supported for Alpine.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, the SetMeUp menu for Terraform displayed the wrong configuration file names for Linux and Unix.


Fixed an issue related to NuGet whereby, when using the symbol server with Anonymous Access and Force Authentication enabled, Artifactory did not force authentication.


Fixed an issue whereby, when adding multiple repositories under one virtual repository, the order of the repositories in the included items menu changes.


Fixed an issue whereby, after sharing a global repository with a project or assigning it to a project, changes to the repository's environment field in the Artifactory WebUI did not take effect.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Prune Unreferenced Data function was not supported for S3 buckets.


Fixed an issue whereby, deploying artifacts opposite a virtual repository using the Deploy Artifacts from Archive REST API was blocked for non-Admin users.Deploy Artifacts from Archive


Fixed an issue related to the way Federated member URLs were stored when the base URL was missing the /artifactory suffix. This issue caused Federated repositories to become disabled after upgrading Artifactory.


Fixed an issue whereby, downloading the latest VCS release via REST API was not supported in Artifactory.


Fixed an issue whereby, Debain virtual repositories did not support any format other than .gz for package files.


Fixed an issue whereby, build-info repositories could not be deleted from Artifactory.


Fixed an issue whereby, when trying to download a package that is not cached from a remote repository pointing to an external registry without content browsing enabled, Artifactory returned a 404 error.


Fixed an issue related to SAML whereby, Artifactory did not support the Auto Associate Groups feature for groups where the group name and external ID parameters were identical.


Fixed an issue related to Docker whereby, when using the tags/list request, Artifactory pagination did not work as expected.


Fixed an issue related to Helm whereby, under certain circumstances, when requesting the index.yaml file for a virtual repository, Artifactory returned a 404 error.


Fixed an issue related to the Heavy Query cache (HQC) mechanism.


Fixed an issue related to Docker whereby, when using an encoded URL in a tags/list request, Artifactory did not support the pagination of the results.


Fixed an issue whereby, when a logged-in user attempted to access a repository the user is unauthorized to access, the Artifactory WebUI logged out the user.


Fixed an issue related to Swift repositories whereby, Artifactory was not aligned with Semver versioning requirements.


Fixed an issue whereby, XML was supported for RubyGems repositories.


Fixed an issue related to Docker whereby, when setting custom include patterns for a remote repository, the List Docker Tags REST API did not work as expected.List Docker Tags


Fixed an issue whereby, when performing multipart download using Azure and GCP binary providers, Artifactory returned a 404 error.


Fixed an issue whereby, when performing folder replication, Artifactory returned an error.


Fixed an issue whereby, when using include patterns other than the default */** pattern on a remote repository and then deleting an image from the remote-cache repository, all cached artifacts in the repository were hidden in the Artifactory WebUI.


Fixed LDAP test connection flow which had broken due to security hardening of the LDAP Get Configurations REST API


Fixed an issue related to Alpine whereby, packages with Provider Priority information could not be installed installed from local and virtual repositories.


Fixed an issue related to P2 virtual repositories whereby, filtering search results was not supported in the Artifactory WebUI Repository Basic Settings screen.


Fixed an issue whereby, when changing the Docker Registry Port in the Repository Advanced Settings screen, the previous value was displayed in the Artifactory WebUI.


Fixed an issue whereby, when viewing JPD details in a JFrog instance containing two JPDs in the same location, Artifactory returned an error.


Fixed an issue related to SAML whereby, when reaching the storage quota as a platform admin, Artifactory did not display the storage quota alert.


Fixed a UI issue that caused the Entity Types Synced column in the Access Federation table to remain empty after adding multiple targets to the topology.