Pipelines 1.15.2

JFrog Release Information


Released: May 26, 2021


Pipelines 1.15.2 requires Artifactory 7.19.4 and above.

Signed Pipelines

The signed pipelines feature is a verification system that determines which pipelines/steps generated a specific artifact.The signing process creates trust and provides a way to validate the immutability of the artifacts, which are generated during the run of a pipeline, and the authenticity of packages. For more information, see Signed Pipelines.

Enhanced GoPublishBinary Native Step
  • A new tag has been introduced for the GoPublishBinary native step, which can be configured to fail the step if the signatures of build artifacts cannot be verified. For more information, see GoPublishBinary.

  • The GoPublishBinary native step now passes the --detailed-summary flag to the JFrog CLI when uploading the binary.

Enhanced HelmDeploy Native Step

In addition to BuildInfo, the HelmDeploy native step now supports ReleaseBundle as an input resource. For more information, see HelmDeploy.

Global Template for Kubernetes Deployments

Pipelines now includes a new global template for Kubernetes deployments that encompasses a full end-to-end workflow, starting with GitRepo and ending with deployment using helm. For more information, see HelmPublishAndDeploy.Global Templates

Pipeline Source Sync Recovery

Pipelines now provides an option to enable auto-sync for outdated pipeline source, which ensures that if a step fails due to the pipeline source not being in sync, all the matching GitRepo resources using the same repo path, integration, and branch are automatically re-synced, prompting an automatic trigger of the step. For more information, see Pipeline Source Sync Recovery.Pipeline Source Sync Recovery

UI Enhancements

This release of Pipelines includes the following UI enhancements:

  • The Extensions and Templates pages have now been merged into a single page called 'Extensions & Templates'.

  • The Runs dashboard now shows an aggregated view of steps and resources for a specific run.

    • Clicking a step directs users to the step details.

    • The Steps tab lists all the steps in a run. The list has search/filter option and sort capability for each column.

    • The Resources tab lists all the input and output resources of the run.

Vault mlock Enabled for all Pipelines Installations

Vault mlock is now enabled for both non-k8s and k8s Pipelines installations.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue whereby, out-of-memory errors in the build agent are now handled more gracefully and will show an appropriate message in the step's console logs.

  • Fixed an issue with the send_notification utility function that prevented users from sending email notifications using an SMTP integration.

  • Adjusted the HTTP keep-alive interval to reduce the occurrence of HTTP 502 responses due to stale connections

  • Updated the v1/nodes APIs to prevent certain node operations from being initiated by users.

  • All the GET APIs that return an array of results now enforce a default limit on the number of results returned.

  • Updated GitRepo clones to only clone one branch when shallow depth is set.

  • Pipelines on-prem only: Fixed an issue whereby, the installer would not update the Vault IP address.

  • Pipelines on-prem only: Removed installer's dependency on Python 2.