Artifactory 7.12.3 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: 21 December 2020

Artifactory 7.12.3 is Available as a Cloud Version

Artifactory 7.12.3 is Available as a Cloud Version. The JFrog Artifactory 7.12.3 is aligned with the Artifactory 7.12.5 Self-Hosted version.

Feature Enhancements

Advanced Patterns Supported for Docker Virtual Repositories

Extended Ignore/include patterns for Docker Virtual Repositories.

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue



Fixed an issue to improve the Docker Catalog V2 API performance.


Fixed an issue, whereby under certain circumstances, when multiple LDAP settings were configured, Artifactory did not search and displayed authentication failures.


Fix an issue to enable the Browse Native API to return a permission challenge message.


Fixed an issue, whereby the number of errors populating in the error log file were reduced together with Improving the error logs messaging for Database locking.


Fixed an issue, whereby Artifactory Rest API Automatically Supports Spaces in URLs. As part of the Artifactory REST API, A space in the User, Group, and permission names is automatically represented and converted to the Plus symbol ('+'). From 7.12.4, This is the default behavior and is achieved with the new property which is set by default to true. To use the Plus ("+") symbol and cancel this conversion, set the parameter to false.


Fixed an issue, whereby Artifactory only displayed the deltas in the logs for the Docker cache. After the fix, the full statistics are displayed in the logs.


Fixed an issue, whereby unnecessary requests were made to the LDAP server when performing authentication using an API Key.


Fixed an issue, whereby deleting multiple Release Bundles when using a Derby DB sometimes failed and generated a Database deadlock.


Fixed an issue, whereby recalculating the index for Helm repositories did not delete the corrupted entries.

Fixed an issue, whereby the console.log was disabled for Docker and Docker Compose installs by default to prevent performance issues. To enable the console.log, set the shared.logging.consoleLog.enabled to true.

Security Related Issues


Blocked direct requests with basic authentication to the required URL when SAML SSO is configured.