Artifactory 7.49.5 Self-Hosted

JFrog Release Information


Released: 11 January, 2023


Users with Federated repositories should refrain from upgrading to this version and instead upgrade directly to Artifactory version 7.49.6. For more information, see Known Issues.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, due to MSSQL limit of number of parameters that a parameterized query can have (2100), an Artifactory with more than 300 repositories did not start after upgrading to version 7.49.3.


Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, when uploading a large number of artifacts using JFrog CLI, the PostgreSQL database crashed.


Fixed an issue whereby, the User Locking policy could not be disabled via the UI.


Fixed an issue whereby, the maxUniqueSnapshots were not saved when the value was changed in Remote repositories.


Fixed an issue whereby, when integrating OpenMetrics with Prometheus, if some of the repository names contained special characters like dots or hyphens, Prometheus returned an invalid metric type error.


Fixed an issue whereby, the events log cleanup interval could not be specified in fractions of an hour.


Fixed an issue whereby, changes made to the security configurations page in the UI overwrote the custom configurations set in the Access YAML Configuration.


Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, when enrolling to Google multi-factor authentication, Artifactory returned an error.

Known Issues in this Version

  • When the  syncDeletes  and  enableEventReplication  properties in repository replication are enabled, disabling  syncDeletes  via REST API also disables  enableEventReplication. 

  • For customers with Federated repositories, the repositories become disabled after upgrading a JPD on which Artifactory 7.49.3 or 7.49.5 was previously installed.

    For more information about both known issues, see Known Issues.