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Released: 24 October, 2023

Feature Enhancement

  • New REST APIs for Pruning Unreferenced Data (PUD)

    Three new REST APIs have been added for pruning unreferenced data (PUD): Start PUD Process, Get Status of the PUD Process, and Stop PUD Process. These APIs are used to delete randomly existing binaries in the filestore that are not referenced in Artifactory and cannot be deleted by Artifactory Garbage Collection. These APIs offer greater control over the PUD process from what was available prior to this release through the PUD user interface. The Start API can be used to start the PUD process from a specific directory or even from a specific binary in a directory, and there is an option to refrain from deleting unreferenced binaries that were created after a certain date. The Get Status API returns the current status of the PUD process (i.e., running, stopped, finished, or error), along with relevant data on the process such as total binaries deleted, total size of disk space cleaned, information on the last handled directory, and other information. And the Stop API allows you to stop the PUD process before it reaches the end of the directories list.

    For more information, see Pruning Unreferenced Data (PUD) APIsPruning Unreferenced Data (PUD) APIs

  • New REST APIs for Disable Basic Authentication

    Two new REST APIs have been added to get the status for Disable Basic Authentication and to enable/disable Disable Basic Authentication. For more information, see GET Status of Disable Basic Authentication and Enable or Disable Disable Basic Authentication.GET Status of Disable Basic AuthenticationEnable or Disable Disable Basic Authentication

  • Next Generation Permissions

    The gradual rollout of the next generation of permission model has started from this version. The new model is fully backward compatible with the legacy permissions model. The new model simplifies the UI user flows to configure all resource types. The popups to add resource type (like builds and repositories) have a new look and feel.

    For more information, see Permissions.Permissions

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby Federated repositories did not stay in sync after files were cleaned up by a plugin.


Fixed an issue related to npm whereby, when installing packages through Artifactory, the npm client downloaded all flavors of the package, instead of downloading only the specific flavor (OS and CPU architecture) of the requested package.


Fixed an issue related to Helm whereby, when moving helm charts between local repositories, the index.yaml file in the source helm local repository was not updated correctly.


Fixed an issue whereby, when assigning a non-admin user as a project admin, the JFrog Platform WebUI did not perform as expected.


Fixed an issue related to Docker whereby, when trying to perform orphan layer cleanup on Artifactory instance with S3, a connection leak might occur.


Fixed an issue related to Hugging Face whereby, when trying to download a module where one or more of the file names contain spaces, Artifactory returned an error.


Fixed an issue whereby, support bundles did not support authentication providers configuration, which is provided in file and contains settings for LDAP, LDAP groups, HTTP SSO and Crowd providers.