Artifactory 7.68.13 Self-Hosted

JFrog Release Information


Released: 2 October, 2023

Feature Enhancements

  • Artifactory Thread Dump Enhancements

    Artifactory generates thread dumps during regular system operation following internal errors and when users create Support Bundles. By default, thread dump collections included Locked Synchronizers, which in high-scale environments sometimes caused the application to become unresponsive.

    Following this release, the creation of a Support Bundle generates a thread dump without collecting the Locked Synchronizers. In addition, internal errors that occur during regular system operation will not trigger a thread dump collection.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, when upgrading Artifactory to version 7.68.7 or 7.68.11, Artifactory failed to complete the upgrade due to a failure in validating the Access database schema.


Fixed an issue related to Chef whereby, when trying to resolve a package from a Smart Remote repository using the JFrog Platform WebUI, Artifactory returned an error.


Fixed an issue whereby, when trying to resolve an RPM package from a remote repository, Artifactory returned a 'Metadata file does not match checksum' error.


Fixed an issue in push replication that caused a replication attempt to occur even when the same artifact was already deployed to the same path on the destination instance (before replication was set to take place).