Pipelines 1.22.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: March 03, 2022

Ubuntu 16 Build Nodes Deprecated

The 1.22.0 release of Pipelines removes support for Ubuntu 16 build nodes.

  • How will this impact my existing node pools

    Pipelines will no longer support your existing Ubuntu 16 node pools. If you run pipelines that use Ubuntu 16 node pools, they will fail with an error message.

  • What do I need to do

    • Dynamic Node Pools: Existing Ubuntu 16 dynamic pools will be automatically migrated to Ubuntu 18 provided those were created with the default build plane images. If you have any custom Ubuntu 16 node pools, they must be manually migrated to Ubuntu 18 or higher.

    • Static Node Pools: Upgrade all your existing Ubuntu 16 static node pools to Ubuntu 18 or higher.

Rootless Docker Support

Pipelines now supports rootless docker for Ubuntu 18/20 build nodes (AWS/GCP - Ubuntu 18/20, Azure - Ubuntu 20, Static nodes - Ubuntu 18/20). Rootless docker helps prevent providing the Docker container root access. For more information, seeInitializing Nodes as a Non-Root User.

Updated/Added Build Images

The following new images were updated/added:

  • Updated Node 12,14, and 16 build images

  • Updated Go 1.16. and 1.17 build images

  • Added build images for jdk17, .NET 5, and .NET 6

HelmDeploy Native Step Enhancement

The HelmDeploy native step now allows both HelmChart and GitRepo as input resources at the same time.For more information, see HelmDeploy.

Run Variables as Build Parameters

This enhancement enables run variables to be used in variable placeholders in the build parameters of a Jenkins step.

Support for JFrog CLI Version 1.53.0

Pipelines now uses JFrog CLI version 1.53.0.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue whereby, PS1 variable was unset. Pipelines microservice containers will correctly show path and user when running docker or kubectl exec.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, IncomingWebhook resources did not work as expected when listed as output resources in PowerShell steps.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, a project integration with a 'null' value was causing a step to get stuck.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, stepTrigger was crashing due to unhandled errors in checkExecutionCapacity.

  • Fixed an issue whereby the 'sortBy' configuration was not parsed correctly in fileSpec resources in PowerShell steps.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, a canceled run was indefinitely stuck in 'waiting' state.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, saving test reports with 'total' in the file name was failing.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, the pipeline source did not point to the latest commitSha.

  • Fixed cron hard-delete mechanism. Placed a hard limit on the number of resources that can be deleted each time. Added pagination to pipelineStepConnection removal process.

  • Added verbosity to download step flow. Now additional information such as error message, endpoint URL, and other details will be available as part of the log.

  • Added Groff library to ubuntu18 and ubuntu20 build images, which is required for some AWS CLI commands such as deploying to EKS.

  • Added logup service in the SaaS system.yaml. There were unhandled undefined values when setting up logger for the API. A condition was added to check the undefined values.

  • Improved performance when fetching pipeline step connections.