Distribution 2.8.1

JFrog Release Information


Released: June 30, 2021

Dynamic Release Bundle

Introduced the capability to create, sign and distribute an ad-hoc Release Bundle dynamically through a single REST API request. For more information, see Creating a Dynamic Release Bundle.Distribute Release Bundles (v1)

Multiple GPG keys for Signing Release Bundles

Distribution now supports signing Release Bundles using multiple GPG keys and not one key pair for all Release Bundles. This enables you to use different keys according to your organizational requirements, such as keys used in different departments. For more information, see Multiple GPG Signing KeysGPG Signing

Target Repository Auto-Creation

Automatically create repositories on the target edges if no repositories exist when distributing Release Bundles. For more information, see Target Repository Auto-Creation.Distribute Release Bundles (v1)

Feature Enhancements
Distribution Service

To introduce efficiencies within the JFrog Platform, the services that were previously under the Distributor service has been moved under the Distribution service. This does not affect the Distribution's functionality.

Live Logs Enhancement

Added a new distribution-service log to the System Logs Viewer.Logging