Pipelines 1.7.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: July 30, 2020


Requires Artifactory 7.7.0 or newer.

Resource Manager Permissions

Users and groups that have been granted Manage Resources permissions can create/edit/delete Pipeline Sources, Integrations, and Node Pools.

Helm 3 support

All runtime images now include Helm 3. Also, customers can use Helm 3 for the HelmPublish and HelmDeploy native steps by setting the helmVersion tag to 3.

UI Performance Improvements

Customers will experience improved performance while switching between different Pipelines UI pages

Linting support added to HelmPublish step

Customers can use the lint and lintFlags tags to check for issues with the chart that will be published.

Timestamps for downloaded logs

Downloaded logs now show timestamps for easier debugging.

Updated build images

All runtime images have been updated with latest release versions of tools. The following new images were added:

  • pipelines-u18cpp:10.0.0

  • pipelines-w19cpp:10.0.0

  • pipelines-u16go:1.14.4

  • pipelines-c7go:1.14.4

  • pipelines-w19go:1.14.4

  • pipelines-u16java:14

  • pipelines-u18java:14

  • pipelines-c7java:14

  • pipelines-w19java:14

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed several UI validation issues while adding/editing node pools

  • Fixed an issue where integration secrets were sent in clear text when an API was called with an admin token

  • Fixed an issue where user-agent for BuildInfo created by Pipelines native steps was set incorrectly

  • Improved resiliency with more elegant handling of message queue outages

  • Fixed an issue where websockets were not working for Matrix steplets

  • Fixed an issue where resource deletion did not work as expected if the resource had 100+ versions

  • Fixed validation and error handling for the RemoteFile resource to prevent static properties like fileName and fileLocation from being changed after resource creation.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple webhooks were being created for pipeline sources in the source control provider in some cases

  • Fixed an issue where Postgres image was pulled during installation, even when customer wanted to use an external database

  • Fixed an issue where build plane images for a SaaS installation were not filtered by the relevant region.

  • Fixed an issue where Run with custom configuration did not work when the step had an IncomingWebhook inputResource

  • Fixed an issue where values for inputs for Run with custom configuration were hidden in the UI

  • Fixed an issue where helm chart was not included in the release bundle created with the CreateReleaseBundle native step, when a promoted BulldInfo and a non-promoted BuildInfo pointing to the published Helm chart are provided as inputs

  • Fixed an issue where Pipelines health checks were failing for Vault versions 1.3.4+

  • Fixed an issue where Copy button wasn't working on the Add Node page, preventing customers from easily copying ssh access scripts to clipboard.

  • Fixed an issue where keys and values were reversed while displaying the context menu for a PropertyBag resource in Pipeline and Run visualizations

  • Fixed an issue where Pipelines installation using Helm failed if jfrogUrlUI configuration had a trailing slash

  • Fixed an issue where a Pipeline source could not be added if the branch names was less than or equal to 3 characters long

  • Fixed an issue where stopped.failed Kubernetes nodes continued to be displayed in the Node Pools UI