Pipelines 1.23.6

JFrog Release Information


Released: May 20, 2022

CentOS 8.x Build Nodes Deprecated

The 1.23.6 release of Pipelines removes support for CentOS 8.x build nodes.

  • How will this impact my existing node pools

    Pipelines will no longer support your existing CentOS 8.x node pools. If you run pipelines that use CentOS 7.x node pools, they will fail with an error message.

  • What do I need to do

    • Dynamic Node Pools: Existing CentOS 8.x dynamic pools will be automatically migrated to CentOS 7.0 provided those were created with the default build plane images. If you have any custom CentOS 8.x node pools, they must be manually migrated to either CentOS 7.0 or a different OS.

    • Static Node Pools: After upgrading to the next major release of Pipelines, either remove any CentOS 8.x node pools or change the machine image to a different OS. For the list of supported OS versions, see System Requirements.Pipelines System Requirements

TriggerPipeline Native Step (Beta Version)

The TriggerPipeline native step will trigger another step and wait for the resulting run to complete before continuing.This enables you to embed another pipeline inside your existing pipeline.A new integration called JFrog Platform Access Token Integration has been introduced to support this feature.

For more information, see Embedded Pipelines.

System-level Control Setting for Non-root Users

Pipelines admins can now use a system-level setting to enforce use of only those node pools that are configured with non-root . When the enforceNonRootNodesglobal setting is set as true, it takes precedence over the non-root user setting configured in the UI.Note that this is currently supported only in Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu 20.

Branch Filtering in CronTrigger Resource

Pipelines now supports branch filtering in the CronTrigger resource. For more information, see CronTrigger.

Trigger Pipelines API

Introduced a new API to trigger a pipeline. This enables you to:

  • Trigger all the steps in the pipeline with default environment variables and the latest resources.

  • Trigger specified steps in the pipeline with custom environment variables and resource versions.

For more information, see Trigger Pipeline.Trigger Pipeline

Overwrite Flag

The write_output utility function now includes an overwrite flag. When this flag is included, output resource properties will be replaced. For more information, see write_output.Resources

Enhanced Pipeline Source Sync Logs

The Pipeline Source sync logs have been enhanced to indicate when a sync has started.

Additional Information in Step Logs

Additional logs have been added to give users the visibility on various reasons a step can be waiting.

Step-level Heartbeat

The build node will now report a heartbeat every minute while it is working on a step. This was done to improve reporting on the current state of a step.

Default SCM Source Branch

Git resources without branches include/exclude pattern will now have the default SCM source branch added to the pipeline YAML.

Jenkins Steps Timeout

Queued Jenkins steps will now time out, and cancel queued Jenkins builds when they are queued longer than the timeout duration configured for the pipeline step. Jenkins steps canceled in Pipelines while queued will also now cancel the corresponding Jenkins build.

SCM Webhook Improvements

The time taken for a sync/run to be triggered on a commit made in the SCM has been improved.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue whereby, cleaning stale pipeline sources from the Platform Project API had a permissions issue on SaaS.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, variables could not be used in valueFilePaths in HelmPublish or HelmDeploy native steps on Windows.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, steptrigger queue was getting overloaded with messages.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, microservices were unable to reconnect the RabbitMQ when there was a network disruption.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, PowerShell steps could not use custom runtime images stored in Artifactory.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, Access reference tokens were not working as an authentication method for Pipelines.

  • Fixed an issue to persist the integration name field in the UI even if the integration type is changed from Pipelines to Admin and vice versa.

  • Updated the version of dependency used to load custom certificates on Windows build nodes.

  • CVE-2022-0155 and CVE-2022-0536 resolved. The relevant library was upgraded.

Resolved Vulnerabilities

This release contains resolved CVEs - security vulnerability issues.