Distribution 2.22.1

JFrog Release Information


Released January 14, 2024

Feature Enhancements

  • New dashboard UI

    The new Release Bundle v2 dashboard includes an intuitive interface for distributing Release Bundle v2 versions to your distribution targets. The dashboard also enables you to export Release Bundles when working in an air gap environment.Manage the Release Lifecycle Using the DashboardDistribute a Release Bundle (v2) using the Platform UIExport Release Bundles v2 in the Platform UI

  • Distribution events tracked per target

    The new dashboard enables you to track the results of a Release Bundle v2 distribution per distribution target. For example, if you distribute a Release Bundle to 3 Edge nodes, 3 separate events will be recorded in the Release Bundle version timeline.Use the Release Bundle Version Timeline

  • Distribution event details

    Clicking a distribution event in the Release Bundle version timeline opens a window containing details about the event, including a list of the artifacts that were distributed.Use the Release Bundle Version Timeline

  • Upgraded router version

    The Router version used by JFrog Distribution has been upgraded to 7.87.0.

  • Additional UI improvements

    This release contains several minor UI improvements to enhance user experience, including better presentation of available Edge nodes, distribution statuses, and error messages.

Bug Fixes

Jira Issues



Fixed an issue whereby distribution of a Release Bundle version would hang in certain cases if the Xray scan failed to trigger. Starting this version, a failure to trigger a scan causes the distribution of that Release Bundle version to fail.


Fixed an issue whereby remote delete operations would sometimes generate unnecessary error messages in the log.

Resolved Vulnerabilities

This release contains resolved CVEs (security vulnerability issues) that impact JFrog Distribution.