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Released: 22 April, 2021


Federated Repositories

CLOUD: Enterprise | Enterprise+ SELF-HOSTED: Enterprise | Enterprise+

The JFrog Platform enables you to create Federated repositories, which support mirroring repositories and artifacts with JFrog Platform users located on remote JFrog Deployments (JPDs) in a multisite environment. A Federation is a collection of repositories of Federated type in different JPDs that are automatically configured for full bi-directional replication. Once you have created a Federation, changes made to artifacts on one site will be automatically synchronized to the other federated sites using bi-directional mirroring. For more information, see Federated Repositories.Federated Repositories

Feature Enhancements

PostgreSQL Version Support

JFrog products now support PostgreSQL version 13.0.

Improved Large Scale Release Bundle Distribution

Improved distributing Release Bundles at a large scale, resulting in three times faster performance, by implementing internal database optimization.

Extended Docker OCI Support

Extended the ability to serve OCI requests without relying on the accept header. For example, if you have a client named containers/someVersion, you can assume that all the containers will support OCI (if configured).

SCIM ID Management Support

CLOUD: Enterprise with Security Pack | Enterprise+ SELF-HOSTED: Enterprise | Enterprise+

JFrog now supports managing both users and groups, and the association between them using the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol 2.0. Okta and Azure Active Directory (AD) have used to verify this capability. To learn more, see SCIM.SCIM

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue



Fixed an issue, whereby a memory leak was occurring in io.opentracing.util.ThreadLocalScope.


Fixed an issue, whereby requests with duplicate semantics (based on type and path) were sent to the MDS.


Fixed the Release Bundle Domain field to display "Destination" in the Webhooks Events list in the UI for Edge and Source Artifactory instances.