Pipelines 1.25.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: August 04, 2022

Helm v2 and JFrog CLI v1 Deprecated

Helm v2 Deprecated

Helm v2 is deprecated and will be removed. We recommend moving to Helm v3, which is already pre-installed in the default build images. If you are using the HelmDeploy or HelmPublish native steps, you can choose the version in your YAML with the helmVersion: 3 tag.HelmDeployHelmPublish

JFrog CLI v1 Deprecated

JFrog CLI v1 is deprecated and will be removed. We recommend moving your pipelines to JFrog CLI v2. To make this transition as smooth as possible, all native steps have already been enhanced to support v2. To update your pipeline to switch to v2, simply add jfrogCliVersion: 2 to your pipelines.configuration section in your YAML. This will cause the jfrog command to point to v2 instead of v1.

New UI enabled by default

The Pipeline and Run views now use the new UI by default. The new look and feel were introduced in the previous release. If required, you have the option of switching to the old UI.

My Pipelines Page Enhancements
  • Refreshed table design to align with the new look and feel.

  • More performance improvements to load the My Pipelines page faster.

  • Updated status icons to align with the new design.

  • Faster feedback when using the favorites star toggle for a pipeline.

Native Steps Enhancements
  • All Pipelines native steps now support JFrog CLI v2.

  • DockerBuild native step now supports multiple Image and FileSpec resource inputs. For more information, see DockerBuild.DockerBuild

  • Pipelines now allows other step types between DockerBuild and DockerPush native steps. These steps must still be in the same affinity group.

  • Added optional namespace setting in the configuration section of HelmDeploy native step. For more information, see HelmDeploy.HelmDeploy

New Template Versions
  • Released HelmPublishAndDeploy template version 1.1.0, which uses JFrog CLI v2. For more information, see DockerBuildAndPush.Global Templates

  • Released DockerBuildAndPush template 1.1.0, which uses JFrog CLI v2. The sourceRepository and targetRepository settings are optional in 1.1.0. For more information, see HelmPublishAndDeploy.Global Templates

reqKick Improvements

Improved reqKick reliability against crashes and unhandled exceptions.

Updated Go Build Images

Updated Go 1.18.4 and 1.17.12 build images

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue whereby, pipeline re-run was failing when re-running the subset of a pipeline.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, sometimes a run would hang in waiting after being canceled.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, a PublishBuildInfo native step could not be used to publish a build following a HelmPublish step.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, installing Pipelines with a custom CA was causing connections to public providers to fail.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, very long steplet consoles were causing API to crash.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, uploading pipeInfo was using an incorrect URL.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, timed-out steps would occasionally cause build nodes to get stuck in Processing status.

  • Fixed an issue whereby,, in the new UI, the embedded pipelines link in the graph's step context menu to navigate to the pipeline page was not working.

  • Fixed link to Xray scan for native steps in Projects.