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The following deprecations have already been implemented in JFrog Platform:



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Authentication Provider Plugins Deprecated and Replaced With APIs

Artifactory 7.55/7.57

Deprecated Plugin

Deprecated From


Artifactory release 7.55


Artifactory release 7.57


Artifactory release 7.57

Deprecated Plugin

Replacement APIs






LDAP Group SettingLDAP Group

Use the replacement APIs for these plugins, available from Artifactory release 7.57.

Additional plugins will also be replaced with APIs in the future.

JetS3t (applies to Self-Hosted environments only)

Artifactory 7.46.3

In continuation to the official email sent on July 22, 2022, we have officially deprecated the JetS3t library that was used in the JFrog Platform to enable an API to AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage.

Use the s3-storage-v3 instead, which uses the official, highly-maintained AWS S3 SDK. The transition is seamless between s3 to s3-storage-v3, as most parameters are the same between the two providers. To learn more, see Amazon S3 Official SDK Template.Amazon S3 Official SDK Template

Docker Build-info

Artifactory Docker Build-info Plugin 2.14.0

Because version 2.14.0 of the Artifactory Plugin, docker build info creation no longer requires setting up the Build-Info Proxy, the Pipeline API that uses the Build-Info Proxy is now deprecated.

This is the deprecated API:

def rtDocker = Artifactory.docker [credentialsId: 'credentialsId'], [host: 'tcp://daemon IP:daemon port']

You will need to use the new API, which receives an Artifactory server as an argument, instead of credentialsId:

def rtDocker = Artifactory.docker server: server, [host: 'tcp://daemon IP:daemon port']

Ansible Collection installer collection

Platform Installer July 2021

The Ansible Collection installer, jfrog.installer collection v1.1.2, has been deprecated and replaced.

The new installer can be downloaded from https://galaxy.ansible.com/jfrog/platform.

Bamboo Artifactory plugin

Artifactory Bamboo Plugin 2.2.0

Before version 2.2.0, specifying artifact patterns was possible through Legacy Patterns, which became deprecated in version 2.2.0.

No action is required; tasks that were created before version 2.7.0, publish the build-info to Artifactory directly, and not by the Publish Build Info task.

Self-Hosted JFrog Cloud migrator tool

July 2022

The migrator tool has been deprecated.

Use the new transfer commands available with the JFrog CLI for transferring settings and binaries from a self-hosted JFrog installation to JFrog Cloud.

TeamCity Artifactory Plugin Legacy Patterns

ArtifactoryTeamCity Plugin 1.8.0

Legacy patterns have been deprecated since version 1.8.0. These include the custom published artifacts and custom build dependencies.