Artifactory 7.41.6

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Access tokens timeout with a Terraform backend causing a permission error.



Project Admin unable to create Repositories if a binding token exists.


If a binding token has been created (for Cold Storage or Federated Repositories), project admins are unable to create repositories for their projects.


The Proxy field in the remote/federated repositories settings that was actively set by users as empty with the intention that the proxy be disabled, is now automatically populated with the default proxy.

The following workaround is:

  1. Add the "disableProxy": true parameter to the remote and federated repository JSON.

  2. Run the Update Repository Configuration REST APIUpdate Repository Configuration

Note that in an upcoming Artifactory version you will have an option to configure this option in

JFUI-10893 / XRAY-12279

When using Artifactory 7.41.4 & 7.41.6, when the Xray version is upgraded to 3.55.2, the Xray tabs in the UI will disappear. However, Xray functionality continues to work as expected.


This issue affects Artifactory 7.41.2 and 7.41.6 (inclusive) when using Xray 3.55.0 and above. This issue was resolved in Artifactory 7.41.7.