Pipelines 1.50.3

JFrog Release Information


Released: November 22, 2023

Tests Insights

Introducing test flakiness analysis to uncover unreliable tests and optimize performance across pipelines. Empower teams with insights for quicker feedback and improved reliability.

  • Most Commonly Failing Test Suites: Represents the tests that frequently encounter failures within a specific context, such as a pipeline, branch, test suite, or individual test. Use it to pinpoint areas that often require attention or optimization in your development or testing process.

  • Test Trends: Analyze testing trends over a specific timeframe to track performance, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions for quality assurance.

  • Slow Tests - Average Time: Measure the efficiency of your test suite by tracking the typical time or mean time it takes for a set of tests to complete. It serves as an indicator of overall testing efficiency, highlighting potentially time-consuming aspects of your test suite. However, while it offers a general overview of testing efficiency, it may not account for outliers or the slowest tests, as it's influenced by all data points equally.

  • Slow Tests - 95% Time: Identify the 95th percentile duration of slow tests to optimize the slower 5%. It's a valuable metric to pinpoint and optimize the slower 5% of tests in your suite, helping enhance testing efficiency and software quality.