Pipelines 1.5.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: June 1, 2020

Added PropertyBag Resource

A new PropertyBag resource type enables passing of properties between steps.

Dynamic Node Pools for Windows Server on AWS

With this version, Pipelines supports dynamic node pools running Windows Server build nodes on Amazon Web Services.

Dynamic Node Pools for Windows Server on Azure

With this version, Pipelines supports dynamic node pools running Windows Server build nodes on Microsoft Azure.

Resource Reset

The ability to reset a resource has been added to the UI of the interactive diagram, enabling a user to correct a resource that is in an invalid state. For example, when a source repository invalidates the SHA that is used by a GitRepo resource.

PostgreSQL Support

With this version, Pipelines now supports PostgreSQL versions 10.5 and 11.5 when used as an external database in a custom install. For standard installation, PostgreSQL v9.5 is installed.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue where the Save button on Dynamic node pool configuration page was not being enabled unless users clicked inside some input boxes

  • Fixed issues with incompatible JSON for Call Home feature

  • Added documentation for the restart command, which helps restart Pipelines services

  • Fixed an issue where installation failed with a package conflict error if the machine already had a later version of libpcap pre-installed

  • Fixed an issue where status of a Powershell step shows error if a custom runtime image is not found

  • Fixed an issue where upgrading to a later Pipelines version did not automatically provide access to new runtime images

  • Fixed an issue where user was unable to update timeout setting for a node pool to an empty value, which would enforce the default timeout value of 3600 seconds

  • Fixed an issue where Save button was enabled while configuring dynamic node pools, even when a build plane image wasn't selected

  • Fixed an issue where for multibranch pipelines, when the branch name included a '/' , the link from the build status in Bitbucket back to the pipeline run that reported it is broken.

  • Fixed an issue where logs weren't available for steps that hadn't run for a long time

  • Fixed an issue where manual step execution with custom parameters failed with an error in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue where utility functions did not correctly handle pipeline and run variables with spaces

  • Fixed an issue with installation using non-default JFROG_HOME setting

  • Fixed an issue where core Pipelines services could not gracefully recover from a RabbitMQ restart in some scenarios

  • Fixed several issues for pipelines using Bitbucket Server repositories as a gitRepo resource or pipeline source