Artifactory 7.25.4 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: 30 August, 2021

Artifactory 7.25.4 is Available as a Cloud Version

Artifactory 7.25.4 is available as a Cloud version. The JFrog Artifactory 7.25.4 is aligned with the Artifactory 7.25.5 Self-Hosted version.

Feature Enhancements

Build Info Supports Aggregated Builds

Aggregated builds are builds that contain multiple steps and can run on multiple machines. Aggregated Build are now represented by Build Info using the new 'type' parameter under the module section in the UI.Build Integration

URL Normalization is Now Prevented for Remote Repositories

Remote repositories are now enabled with the new disableUrlNormalization parameter to prevent URL normalization from occurring. This field is s configurable by changing the default setting disableUrlNormalization from false to true. For more information, see the Remote Repository JSON.Repository Configuration JSON

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, Debian packages only displayed the Checksum and File path but not the metadata information.


Fixed an issue whereby, artifacts with usernames containing more than 64 characters were not uploaded to the JFrog Platform.


Fixing an issue whereby, deploying CocoaPod artifacts failed due to non-JSON Podspec files not supporting double quotes in the source URL.

Fixed an issue whereby, converting local Maven repositories to Federated repositories generated an error message.

Fixed an issue whereby, LDAP user profiles could not be edited if both LDAP and Crowd were enabled.

Fixed an issue whereby, Federated Repository full synchronization failed and generated a 503 error message.

Fixed an issue related to Maven Federated Repositories whereby, mirroring did not complete due to an infinite loop.