Pipelines 1.54.0

JFrog Release Information


New Features

  • Run Page - Code

    Added GitRepo resource overview in the Code tab to list the GitRepo resources.

  • Distribution Template

    Added template support for distributing Release Bundles to the Artifactory edge node.

  • AWS Instance Metadata Service Version 2

    Added support to allow AWS IMDS V2 while creating instances.

Feature Enhancements

  • Artifactory Integration (Deprecation)

    Artifactory Integration will be deprecated as announced in Artifactory version 7.47.10, hence we recommend migrating from Artifactory Integration to JFrog Platform Access Token Integration.

    Updated JFrog Platform Access Token (PAT) Integration by incorporating the Artifactory URL field to enhance Artifactory utilization through PAT.



    Existing Artifactory Integration Users

    Edit the existing Artifactory Integration to migrate to the JFrog Platform Access Token Integration. On successful migration, existing pipelines definition such as, steps and resources work as expected (the name of the integration remains the same thus avoiding any need for a change). Refer to Artifactory Integration.Artifactory Integration