Xray Deprecations

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The following deprecations have already been implemented in JFrog Xray.



Deprecation process and next steps

What has to be done?

Deprecated integrations

Xray 3.0

Aqua, WhiteSource, and Black Duck out-of-the-box integrations have been deprecated in the Xray UI integrations page (Self-hosted)

Custom integrations are still available, supporting integrating to any external source of your choice. The VulnDB integration, now transparently integrated into Xray.

Xray homepage in the Platform UI (Self-hosted)

Xray 3.0

The Xray homepage, as part of the JFrog Platform UI unification, this page has been removed.

Xray 2.0 Reports functionality

Xray 3.0

The Xray 3.0 Reports, which are new a functionality, require new permissions.Xray Reports

REST API deprecations

Xray 3.0