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Here's where you'll find the latest release notes for JFrog Artifactory, including the main fixes and enhancements made to each version as it is released.

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Artifactory Deprecated Features

This topic contains deprecations currently in progress for Artifactory releases. For the full list of ongoing deprecations, see Deprecations in Process. For a full list of deprecated Artifactory feature deprecations, see Artifactory Deprecations.

Replicator Deprecation

The Replicator service for Release Bundles v1 has been deprecated, starting with Artifactory 7.84.10.

Replicator provided Enterprise+ customers with selected use case-dependent optimizations when distributing software with JFrog Distribution.

After the upgrade, JFrog Distribution will continue to function as it did before Replicator was deprecated.

Archive Search Deprecation

In Q3 2024, the Archive Search (also known as Archive Indexing) will be completely deprecated. This deprecation will happen automatically upon upgrading to all minor versions released after June 2024. For more information, click here.

Operating Systems - End of Support

As part of JFrog commitment to maintain the security and reliability of the JFrog Platform, Artifactory will officially run with Node.js 20.x on all installation types from Artifactory 7.77.3.

Node.js 20.x provided with Linux Archive/Debian/RPM installations (non-containerized distributions) is not supported on the following operating systems.

Hence, these operating systems will no longer supported from Artifactory version 7.77.3.

API Key Deprecation

As notified in Artifactory 7.47.10, support for API Key is slated to be removed in a future release. To ease customer migration to reference tokens, which replaces API key, we are disabling the ability to create new API keys at the end of Q3 2024. The ability to use API keys will be removed at the end of Q4 2024. For more information, see JFrog API Key Deprecation Process.User ProfileJFrog API Key Deprecation Process

Breaking Change: RubyGems Dependencies REST API

RubyGems is deprecating their support of the /dependencies REST API, and JFrog is removing the support for local repositories to align with RubyGems. For more information, please read this blog post by RubyGems: Dependency API Deprecation or this Knowledge Base article by JFrog: Local Repositories Dependency API Deprecation.

This feature will reach end-of-life on June 1st, 2024.

Helm Client Relative URL Support as Default (Helm Client V2 End of Life)

Starting August 1st, 2024, Artifactory Helm Repositories will now use Relative URLs in all index.yaml responses by default. Since this feature is only supported by Helm Clients V3 and above, customers using Helm clients V2 are required to upgrade.Kubernetes Helm Chart Repositories

From August 1st, 2024, Artifactory will use Helm client v3 by default, and remove the support for all Helm client versions under 3.0.0.

Cargo Git Indexing Deprecation

Starting at the end of Q2, 2024, Cargo indexing will only be enabled using Sparse indexing, and the use of Git indexing will be discontinued. For more information, see Deprecations in Process.