Artifactory 7.58.0 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: March 31, 2023

Feature Enhancements

View the Status of Federated Repositories

Administrators can view the current status of a Federated repository, including the number of pending events, the mirror latency, and the synchronization status among the mirrors for this repository. For more information, see View Federated Repository Status.View Federated Repository Status

Displaying Long Environment Names

If the name of a global or project environment is longer than 8 characters, the name is truncated is the UI, but the full name is displayed in a tooltip.

Updates to Cargo Repository Configuration

We've changed the default behavior for Cargo repositories to Sparsed Indexing. As a follow-up, the Cargo SetMeUp has also been updated. For more information, see Cargo Package Registry.Cargo Package Registry

Copy/ Move Action Improvement

If a copy or move action takes more than five seconds, the JFrog Platform UI now displays a message saying "Operation will continue in the background", instead of returning a timeout error after waiting for five minutes.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue related to RubyGems whereby, the compact index file in Gems virtual repositories was not updated with the latest versions.


Fixed an issue whereby, when uploading a large file to an Artifactory edge node and then downloading the file several times concurrently from a federated node before they sync, Artifactory stopped responding.


Fixed an issue related to RubyGems whereby, the compact index file in Artifactory merged versions with the same number but different platforms and displayed them as one version.


Fixed an issue related to npm whereby, when installing a package using a misconfigured client, Artifactory returned 404 errors until the misconfiguration was fixed.


Fixed an issue whereby, under some circumstances, when using the s3-storage-v3 template with a server-side encryption bucket policy, Artifactory failed to upload the data.


Fixed an issue whereby, when trying to calculate Debian remote cached coordinates, Artifactory failed to find some coordinates if they were resolved through an acquire by hash index file.


Fixed an issue whereby, the LDAP test connection flow was broken due to security changes in the LDAP GET configurations API.


Fixed an issue whereby, when pushing a Docker image into an Artifactory local repository, Artifactory returned a MANIFEST_INVALID error for amazon/amazon-ecs-agent:v1.63.1.


Fixed the issue whereby, anonymous users could not view file content directly in Artifactory, even when the Allow Content Browsing setting was enabled.


Fixed the issue whereby, the default repository example-repo-local could not be edited in Artifactory.


Fixed the issue related to Helm whereby, under some circumstances, when using a Helm chart, Artifactory returned a /var/opt/jfrog/artifactory/lost+found': permission denied error.


Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, when uploading an artifact to an S3 bucket, AWS returned a rate limit error.