Artifactory 7.68.11 Self-Hosted

JFrog Release Information


Released: 22 September, 2023

Known Issue in This Version

When upgrading Artifactory to version 7.68.7 or 7.68.11, Artifactory failed to complete the upgrade due to a failure in validating the Access database schema. Users should upgrade to version 7.68.13 and later. For more information, see Known Issues.

Feature Enhancements

New REST APIs for Listing, Replaying, and Deleting Failed Binary Tasks

A new REST API has been added for listing tasks that failed because Artifactory was not able to retrieve the binary of the task. Along with this, APIs have been added to re-process binary tasks that previously failed and to delete binary tasks that previously failed. The re-processing and delete APIs can be run on an entire repository or for a particular binary task in the repository. For more information, see Get List of Failed Binary Tasks, Replay Failed Binary Tasks, and Delete Failed Binary Tasks.Get List of Failed Binary TasksReplay Failed Binary TasksDelete Failed Binary Tasks

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, after restarting an Artifactory instance, the JAR signing feature did not work as expected.


Fixed an issue whereby, when restoring a deleted artifact or folder from the trash can with the Recursive checkbox not selected, properties from the repository level are also added to the artifact or folder.


Fixed an issue whereby, the minor Garbage Collector feature did not clean up as many items as expected.


Fixed an issue whereby, Artifactory did not support downloading un-cached packages from virtual repositories using the JFrog Platform WebUI.


Fixed an issue in Artifactory versions 7.46.3 and higher whereby, when modifying the userLockPolicy settings through the YAML configuration file, the changes were not applied accordingly.


Fixed an issue whereby, when modifying any part of the Security element in the Artifactory YAML Configuration using REST API, the HTTP SSO was set to the default value, which is disabled.


Fixed an issue whereby, Artifactory did not support sending notification emails to admins when a project reached 75% of its storage limit on Cloud instances.


Fixed an issue whereby Docker cleaned up a Federated Docker repository based on an outdated manifest, which resulted in removing new blobs instead of orphaned blobs.


Fixed an issue whereby the optimization percentage value displayed in the storage monitoring user interface was showing a highly inaccurate and exaggerated value.


Fixed an issue related to Maven whereby, under some circumstances, when deploying artifacts using a Maven client in version 3.9.x, the maven-metdata.xml file was not updated as expected.


Fixed an issue whereby, upgrade failed in a Helm installation where the TLS certificate was mounted on customVolumeMounts. The TLS certificate was mounted only for the Artifactory container and did not make the certificate available for other services.