Pipelines 1.12.1

JFrog Release Information


Released: February 09, 2021


Requires Artifactory 7.11 or newer.

Pipelines 1.12.1 is Available as a Cloud Version

The JFrog Pipelines 1.12.1 release is available as a Cloud version. 1.12.2 release is now available for on-prem.

Pipeline of Pipelines View - Runs-level

Pipelines now enables you to view the end-to-end multi-pipeline map for a specific run, which shows the complete path for that run. For more information, see Viewing Pipelines.Viewing Resources in the UI

Consolidation of Administrator Tasks

Based on customer feedback, several administration tasks, such as adding/editing Integrations, Pipeline Sources and Node Pools, have been consolidated under the Pipelines section in the Administration tab. In addition, Pipelines and Admin integrations can now be added from the same page. For more information, see Configuring Pipelines.

Timestamps on Console Logs

Timestamps are now displayed for console logs and sub-logs, node initialization logs, and sync logs. This eliminates the need for downloading logs to view timestamps.

Set Retention Policies

Pipelines now includes the ability to specify retention policies for pipeline-related artifacts, such as console logs, state, test reports, and others. Retention policy can be set at system level or pipeline level. For more information, see Setting Retention Policy.

PagerDuty Integration

Pipelines now includes PagerDuty Events integration, which can be used to connect JFrog Pipelines platform to PagerDuty for notifying events. For more information, see PagerDuty Events Integration.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue, where the write_out utility function was failing silently in a small set of scenarios.

  • Fixed an issue, where the Hide key button was not working as expected.

  • Fixed an issue, where the scroll position on Nodes table was reset every few seconds.