Pipelines 1.15.5

JFrog Release Information


Released: June 14, 2021


Pipelines 1.15.5 requires Artifactory 7.19.4 and above.

Pipelines 1.15.5 is Available as a Cloud Version

The JFrog Pipelines 1.15.5 release is available as a Cloud version and will be available for on-premise shortly.

Resolved Issues

Due to a security concern that was recently discovered in Pipelines, the following functionality has been temporarily turned off for customers on Azure and GCP:

  • Docker commands (such as Docker build, push, compose, and others) in all steps, except DockerBuild and DockerPush, have been turned off.

  • The DockerBuild and DockerPush native steps are not affected and will continue to work as before, but onStart, onSuccess, onFailure, and onComplete configured under the Execution section of YAMLs will not work.


This does not affect customers on AWS.