Artifactory 7.0.0 Cloud | Self-Hosted

JFrog Release Information


Released: January 12, 2020


Deprecated Features

Artifactory 7.0 introduces several deprecated features. For more information, see Deprecations.Deprecations

Important: The JFrog Platform web UI is now accessed through port 8082 (For example, http://SERVER_HOSTNAME:8082/ui/). Accessing Artifactory directly for REST API and downloads is still possible through port 8081.

JFrog Platform

Announcing the new JFrog Platform, designed to provide developers and administrators with a seamless DevOps experience across all JFrog products, supporting the following main features:

  • Universal package management with all major packaging formats, build tools, and CI servers.

  • Security and Compliance that's fully integrated into the JFrog Platform, providing full trust of your pipeline from code to production.

  • Radically simplified administration with all configurations in one place.

  • Complete trust in your pipeline all the way from code to production.

  • Seamless DevOps experience from on-prem, cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud of your choice.

JFrog Platform New Functionalities

System Architecture

The new Artifactory architecture is more Cloud Native. The Artifactory application has been divided into several microservices. 

Artifactory system.yaml

This release introduces a new system configuration file, allowing system configurations to be handled externally to the application, before/after the installation process.

Installation and Upgrade

Artifactory 7.0 comes with a new installer, which affects the Installation and Upgrade procedures. The file structure has been improved and is now aligned across all JFrog products. 


Upgrade process changes: Update reverse proxy and load balancer

When upgrading your Artifactory HA installation from version 6.x to 7.x, make sure to adjust your reverse proxy settings and to update your load balancer configuration to use the new JFrog Platform URL: http://<hostname>:8081. See complete upgrade instructions here.HTTP SettingsLoad BalancerUpgrading Artifactory

Unified User Interface

This version introduces a new UI that is unified for the entire JFrog Platform, including all JFrog products. If you're using Artifactory and other JFrog products such as JFrog Xray, JFrog Distribution, JFrog Mission Control and JFrog Insights, you will now be able to access them all from within a single UI with one URL address. 

Unified Permission Model

This version unifies all JFrog product permissions, allowing easier permission management across all products from one unified UI. The Unified Permission Model enables you to create a single permission target that applies to all products installed in the JFrog Platform. Since the products are unified within the Platform, you can now use a single permission target to control the permissions of all products. 


All JFrog products now follow a standardized logging format and naming convention.

Feature Enhancements

Packages Page

While previously the Packages page provided information for Docker and npm packages, it is now extended to provide metadata for all package types in your system (excluding Git LFS and Generic repositories). 

Search Experience

The search experience has been enhanced to enable searching for all resource types, including packages, builds and artifacts from a single search bar. It now also includes advanced capabilities, such as keyword search, simplifying the search experience. 

Issues Resolved

JIRA Issue



When groups are imported from an LDAP server, groups names containing special characters are blocked and error messages are issued to alert the administrator.


Fixed an issue where the /api/security/users/<username> REST API endpoint would return false for an admin user.


Fixed an issue where deploying an artifact using basic authentication, such as <username>:<API Key>, or an access token for authentication, would not send an email notification to users following the relevant repository.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to our JIRA Release Notes.