Artifactory 7.28.9 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: 19 November, 2021

Artifactory 7.28.9 is Available as a Cloud Version

Artifactory 7.28.9 release is available only as a Cloud version.

Breaking Change for MySQL Users

This breaking change applies only to Artifactory version 7.28.9 for MySQL users. As part of our effort to help our MySQL customers who are planning to migrate to PostgreSQL, we have decided to limit the values of node_props.prop_value to 2400 Bytes in MySQL. This is aligned with an existing limitation in PostgreSQL whereby the index maximum row size is limited to a third of the buffer page (Default 8k).

To verify if you use node_props.prop_value>2400, run the following query:

select count(1) from node_props where length(prop_value) > 2400

For this Artifactory version and higher versions, if you are currently using a value higher than 2400, and need to continue maintaining it, please contact JFrog Support.

Feature Enhancements

External ID Added to Support Azure Active Users

To support Azure Active Directory users, the field External ID field was added to the group definition and can be set via the group creation UI. See Creating and Editing Groups.Introduction to Users and Groups

New PyPi Public Remote Registry Supported

For PyPi users, Artifactory now supports the public remote registry URL:

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, the tags/list Docker endpoint did not return the manifest.list.json repository tag entries.


Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, cleanup of overridden Docker tags deleted the wrong tags.


Fixed an issue whereby, Artifactory failed to start if a repository key and the reverse proxy key were identical.


Fixed an issue whereby, running a unique NugetDeploy would fail and generate a Null Pointer exception.

Fixed an issue whereby, the Artifactory trashcan cleanup process did not remove empty artifact folders.

Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, auto-direct using SAML did not function correctly.

Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, users could not log in to Artifactory.

Fixed an issue whereby, group permissions were not working when using Azure with SAML.

Fixed an issue whereby, failed to select the 'Filtered' field in the General tab in the Artifact browser.

Fixed a Spring circular dependency-related issue whereby Artifactory failed to restart Ubuntu version: 'Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS' and/or using the AWS AMI image 'ami-090717c950a5c34d3'.

Fixed an issue whereby, saving a Property Set erased the predefined values and reset the value type to 'Any Value'.