Pipelines 1.6.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: June 29, 2020


Requires Artifactory 7.6.0 or newer.

My Pipelines UX Changes
  • Added for all JFrog Platform users the ability to mark pipelines as personal "favorites" to filter the display to only the set of pipelines of interest.

  • Multibranch pipelines are now presented in an expandable/collapsible row for individual branch status.

Dynamic Node Pools with Kubernetes

Added cloud-native functionality for managing dynamic node pools through a Kubernetes Integration.Administering Dynamic Node Pools

Pipelines Extensibility

Added features that enable extending the Pipelines DSL with user-defined steps and resources. This includes addition of a Pipelines | Extensions tab to add source repositories as extension sources and manage extension lifecycles.

Matrix Builds

A new set of generic step types, Matrix, PreMatrix, and PostMatrix enable execution of multiple parallel build processes across multiple containers and OS platforms, with different settings for each.

Jenkins Step

A new Jenkins Server Integration and Jenkins native step have been added to enable initiation of and return from a Jenkins build within a pipeline. The earlier Jenkins integration and methods will still function where used, but have been deprecated.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where default docker logging was taking up too much space on the machine where Pipelines was installed

  • Fixed an issue where adding or saving an integration did not redirect to Integrations list page

  • Fixed an issue where triggering more than 100 runs together was causing unexpected errors

  • Fixed several UI issues where optional fields were treated as required

  • Added virtual scroll capability to My Pipelines and Pipeline Sources lists