Artifactory 7.47.7 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: 20 November, 2022

Swagger is Disabled in Artifactory

Swagger UI versions from 3.14.1 to 3.38 contain a vulnerability. By default, Swagger is bundled in Artifactory and therefore has been disabled.

A patch will be released shortly to resolve this issue.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, the Gems repository in Artifactory returned a 500 error when uploading or downloading the Gems package to the mingw-ucrt platform.


Fixed an issue whereby, Federated Cargo Repositories were missing the Registry field and therefore did not mirror each other.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Terraform Service Discovery document was missing a slash '/' at the end.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Federated Repositories file sync in Artifactory did not support file and folder names in non-ASCII character sets.


Fixed an issue whereby, logging in to the Docker client opposite Artifactory was denied when using a username containing over 58 characters.


Fixed an issue whereby, special characters in folder or artifact names in Artifactory were not restored correctly.


Fixed an issue whereby, when uploading RubyGems versions files to Artifactory with the CompactIndex feature flag enabled, the platform field was not added for a non-default platform.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Sumo Logic integration with Artifactory failed.


Fixed an issue whereby, remoteRepoLayoutRef could not be configured on Remote repositories using the Artifactory API.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Terraform client opposite Artifactory in version 1.3.0 couldn't save the Terraform backend state.


Fixed an issue whereby, in some circumstances, navigating between pages on the JFrog Platform UI using Firefox caused the browser to freeze.


Fixed the known issue whereby, under certain circumstances, during a simultaneous distribution of Release Bundle versions that have artifacts with similar parent paths, the distribution failed silently (i.e., the Release Bundle version distribution was marked as completed successfully despite the fact that the artifacts were not displayed in the target).Known Issues