Distribution 2.24.0

JFrog Release Information


Released April 30, 2024

Feature Enhancements

  • Improved Distribution dashboard

    The Release Lifecycle Management timeline now includes events for distributed Release Bundle v2 versions that were deleted locally from the target (typically an Edge node). This improved functionality is due to a new service that periodically collects metadata about these deletions and sends the information to the source Artifactory.Use the Release Bundle Version Timeline

    Parameters related to the new Distribution service can be found in the Distribution Config YAML file. This includes a cleanup service in Artifactory that removes the deletion metadata that was used by the scraping service. For more information, see Configure Deleted-at-Target Scraping Service.Distribution Application Config YAML FileConfigure Deleted-at-Target Scraping Service


    This service requires both Distribution 2.24.0 and Artifactory 7.84.3.

  • Direct link to Xray violation page

    When the distribution of a Release Bundle v2 version is blocked by JFrog Xray due to a policy violation, a link is provided in the timeline event that takes you directly to the violations list in Xray.Distribute a Release Bundle (v2) using the Platform UIJFrog XrayUse the Release Bundle Version Timeline

  • This version contains several security fixes (see below) and other minor bug fixes.

Resolved Vulnerabilities

This release contains resolved CVEs (security vulnerability issues). For more information:

  • Resolved CVEs that impact JFrog Distribution

  • Resolved CVEs that do not impact JFrog Distribution