PDN 1.5.5

JFrog Release Information


Released: January 30, 2023

Improvements and Optimizations
  • Added a new Grafana dashboard that aggregates metrics from all PDN Nodes and Servers.

  • Added the ability to define a joinKeySecretName in the PDN Server Helm chart. This allows for easy automation in a secured way, since there is no requirement to request the join key using API.

  • Added the ability to define additional resources in the Helm chart.

  • Added additional configurations to the system yaml templates.

  • Added liveness and readiness endpoints to the PDN Node.

  • The PDN configurations and metrics have been streamlined to make them more accessible and easier to use. See Private Distribution Network (PDN) APIs and Metrics and Advanced Private Distribution Network (PDN) Configurations.Introduction to the Private Distribution Network (PDN) REST APIs and MetricsAdvanced Private Distribution Network (PDN) Configurations

  • Changed the PDN Node to stateful to support volumes claims and added custom certificates volume to statefulset.

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue



Fixed an issue related to the Forwarder client.


Added PDN Server metrics fixes.


Enable downloads for an anonymous user via PDN.


Fixed an issue related to the PDN Server log.