PDN 1.3.5

JFrog Release Information


Released: December 11, 2022


The PDN installer (for both PDN Server and PDN Node) is now available for Helm Charts. See Installing Private Distribution Network (PDN).Installing Private Distribution Network (PDN)

The new PDN Node Helm chart includes:

  • Support for running PDN containers with different users using Helm chart

  • An optional Nginx pod to support rewrite rules

  • Support for volume claim for cache persistency

  • Configuring the PDN Group to the PDN Nodes

  • Defining the PDN Server URL and Join key

Improvements and Optimizations
  • Improved Memory Usage for PDN Server

    • Added configuration for the PDN Server for the max heap size to limit the PDN Server memory usage when needed

    • The PDN Server will handle memory allocation more efficiently.

  • Reduced the required resources from Artifactory when using PDN.

  • PDN Server installation using HELM is now defined as stateful (and not as deployment.) and supports volume claims