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JFrog Installation & Setup Documentation

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Installation & Setup

The installation procedure involves the following main steps.

  1. Download the relevant package from the Download JFrog Platform page, according to the above table, to install (Linux Archive, Docker Image, Docker Compose, RPM, Debian, Helm, Windows).

  2. Install Artifactory either as a single node installation or a high availability cluster.

  3. Customize the product configuration (optional) including database, Java Opts, and filestore.

  4. Start the service using the start scripts or OS service management.

  5. Check the Artifactory Log to check the status of the service.

  6. Implement post-installation steps including changing the default password.

Default Home Directory / $JFROG_HOME

The default home directory is defined according to the installation type. For additional details see the Product Directory Structure page.

$JFROG_HOME represents the JFrog root directory containing the deployed product.

Did you know?

You can also deploy the JFrog products with different Cloud providers and multiple orchestration tools. For more information, see JFrog Partner Integrations.JFrog Partner Integrations