JFrog Pipelines Services (Self-hosted)

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Installation & Setup

The Pipelines product contains the following microservices:

  1. Analytics - Aggregates and derives insights based on pipelines metrics.

  2. Logs - Transfers console logs from the database to Artifactory as each step completes.

  3. Run - Creates run when it is triggered manually or through a resource update.

  4. Step - Determines which waiting steps can run and queues them to be picked up by the build nodes.

  5. Reqsealer - Finalizes the status of a run/step.

  6. TemplateSync - Onboards Pipelines templates onto the JFrog Platform.

  7. ExtensionSync - Onboards Pipelines extensions onto the JFrog Platform.

  8. HookHandler - Processes resource webhooks received by API.

  9. Cron - Runs internal jobs on intervals, including timing out steps and calculating statistics.

  10. PipelineSync - Reads the YML files in the pipeline source and updates the pipelines and resources with any changes.

  11. NodePool - Manages NodePool and Nodes. This service creates a new node based on the node pool used in the step.

  12. Frontend - Serves static Pipelines micro frontend pages.

  13. WWW - Hosts Pipelines UI pages that are supplemental to the JFrog Platform, including Pipeline History and Run Logs.

  14. API - Hosts the API endpoints.

  15. Router - Establishes communication between all the microservices and cross-products.

  16. Redis - Caches the data.

  17. RabbitMQ (Message-broker) - Provides messaging service for the pipelines.

  18. Vault - Stores all the secrets.

  19. Postgres (DB) - Stores all the pipelines data.

  20. Observability - Consolidates logs and metrics.