Access YAML Configuration Files

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Installation & Setup

There are several configuration files that may found under the $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc/access folder.


If this file exists, it is the configuration file that the Access services actually imports and overrides all the existing settings when restarted. If the file does not exist, Access will load with its latest configuration settings.


If this file exists, the values specified in the imported file will replace the existing Access configuration values. If the file does not exist, Access will load with its latest configuration settings.


This is a template file provided upon installation. It includes default values for a variety of configuration parameters, as well as simple examples for others.

Don't load or modify this file

The purpose of this file is to provide a reference to the list of configurable parameters governing Access. Some of the parameters provide recommended default values, however other parameters (such as server names) contain sample values that, if loaded into your Access services, may render them unusable.

We strongly recommend not modifying this file, and not uploading it (by changing its name to access.config.import.yml, so you always have the option of reverting to recommended default values.


This file shows which configuration parameters are different from the default values in the current Access configuration. This is the file you should be editing and renaming to access.config.import.yml if you wish to make configuration changes


This file shows previous versions of the access.config.latest.yml file with a timestamp to indicate when it was replaced.