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Proxy Configuration From Artifactory 7.77.3

JFConnect service uses the JFrog Platform proxy configuration.Manage Proxy Servers

After Upgrade to Artifactory 7.77.3 or later

After you upgrade to Artifactory 7.77.3 or later, if you previously configured a proxy for JFConnect service through the Artifactory System YAML, remove the configuration and restart the Artifactory service. JFConnect service will use the existing JFrog Platform proxy configuration.Manage Proxy Servers

Proxy Configuration Prior to Artifactory 7.77.3

Prior to Artifactory 7.77.3, you need to configure a proxy through the Artifactory System YAML for the JFConnect service if your environment requires a proxy to communicate with external services. In such environments, the following error occurs during JFConnect API calls.

"could not retrieve config for key jfconnect.entitlements.config"

You must configure the following values in the Artifactory System YAML file to set up the proxy for the JFConnect service.

    # Configure only if you use an Artifactory version before 7.77.3.
        http_proxy: "http://<proxy URL>"
        https_proxy: "http://<proxy URL>"
        no_proxy: “localhost,”

Restart the services for the changes to take effect.