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If you are uploading on a system where the S3 upload speed is slow (for example, when Artifactory is hosted self-hosted), you may want to use the S3 Eventual Upload template <chain="s3-storage-v3"/>. The Eventual Upload template also allows you to upload when S3 is down or experiencing network issues. The S3 eventual template is shown below.

<chain> <!-- template="s3-storage-v3" -->
    <provider id="cache-fs" type="cache-fs">
        <provider id="eventual" type="eventual">
            <provider id="retry" type="retry">
                <provider id="s3-storage-v3" type="s3-storage-v3"/>

The following snippet shows an example of S3 evential upload mechanism.

<config version="2">
   <chain template="s3-storage-v3"/>
   <provider id="s3-storage-v3" type="s3-storage-v3">